Visa to China


China-Flag-Daring yourself to travel to China? Dare your friend to join your tour journey to Beijing or Shanghai. High school friends turning 29 and 30 years old on the same week, same month needs to be celebrated with a unique experience. What better way then visiting the Great Wall of China.

Forget about the challenge of packing to China. What will you eat? Lets start with the basic of entering China from the United States. Each applicant most take a head-shot as if you are applying for a passport. Applications can be process Expressed or Domestic. Remember one cannot mail in application it needs to be process in person by you or a sibling, friend. Applicants do not pay for Visa until picking up Visa. The average cost $140-$200 dollars.

We walked all excited to the China Embassy on 42 street and 12th Avenue NY, NY. As we approached a line outside the building with about 40 people ahead of my friend and I. Walking passed the security detector one most wait on another line for a Gate number. A familiar setting like our DMV Department take a seat if you find one it may be at least a 30 minute wait. After waiting 30 minutes online we were informed one most download application and type up personal information online. On my second trip back to the Embassy I wasn’t informed one most bring not only a copy of the passport, but bring original passport documents.


For each applicant one most bring original application, travel agency itinerary, passport copy, original passport. Just as a reminder don’t abbreviate employment name. If traveling together each applicants itinerary most be the same and each traveler most have their own copy in application with their own name. For no reason can documentation be shared because each application most be process separately

After 4 trips to the China Embassy my friend and I are approved for our Visa to traveling in September. Virgo power let’s see how China welcomes us ladies from NYC to Chicago to China.

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